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How to Pick the Best Roof Color

Homeowners are proud of having a visually appealing exterior for their houses. From shutters to siding, various stylizing aspects can make any home stand out among the others on your block. Roofs also play a vital element in residential visual aesthetics. A carefully coordinated color combo has the power to transform your exterior into the house of your dreams.

What color roof is the best? The answer to that question is different for every homeowner. The process relies on the existing color scheme that makes up the home’s exterior. To pick the best roof color for your house, follow these steps.

How to Choose a Roof Color

If you plan to replace, recolor or install a roof for the first time, you can probably benefit from a new look that makes the rest of your house pop. To select the best roof color, consider the following guidelines.

The roof color should coordinate with the rest of the exterior tones. Think of it as a blank canvas to make all the other elements stand out. The exterior includes the house’s shutters and siding. These two factors most likely provide different colors for you to begin coordinating with another. This observation is a starting point for choosing the right roof color.

The selection process for a new color should also depend on the landscape around the home. For example, a sandy-colored roof might look out of place against a forest of green shrubbery or the blues of a nearby lake. Consider the environment of your property and the existing exterior color to get a better visual idea of what colors would coordinate best with the surrounding area. If you are unsure what colors would blend in with your landscape, look at your neighbors’ roofs. They will likely have similar color palettes for their houses and roofs for you to gain some insights.

Your home’s architecture can also impact the color you choose for your roof. Different exterior styles fit specific palettes better to make every aspect of the house stand out.

Tudor-style homes are making a comeback in the architecture industry. Tudor houses typically mix dark tones from bricks and light ones from white or beige stones. Contemporary-style homes are sleek in color and architecture. These homes fit best with white, black and gray tones to fit a modern, crisp design. Colonial-style houses create a cozy, yet elegant, feel by implementing plain white and brown hues.

How to Match Roof Color to Your House

Once you have evaluated your home’s color and style, the next step is to find the right hues to coordinate the exterior to the roof. After taking note of the exterior colors, you can begin to see if your home has warm or cool tones. These color palettes can help eliminate hues that would clash with the siding and shutters. This process makes matching roof colors to houses easier.

Your house has warm tones if it is brick or has earthy colors such as yellow, orange, red, brown or beige. In this case, a roof consisting of a rich blending of these colors can make each of the tones coordinate. Most homes with warm tones go for a classy light or dark brown to make the rest of the exterior stand out against a rich roof color. A home with subtle warm tones such as beige or cream colors best matches a brown, black, gray, green or blue roof.

Your house has cool tones if the exterior consists of green, blues or grays. The best roof to coordinate with this color scheme is black, gray or blue. This color palette is sleek yet cozy, offering your home a more modern and relaxing appeal. Though sometimes considered warm, a darker brown exterior color best matches roofs with cool tones. The roof can also be brown as long as it remains a darker or lighter shade than the rest of the house.

How to Match Roof Color to Your House

If the color of your house has neutral tones such as white, black, light gray or light beige, you have a broader array of colors to choose from for your roof. A neutral exterior color can fit almost any color scheme for the roof because of its canvas-like appearance. Choose a gray, brown or black roof for a more modern look in contemporary homes. If you prefer a rustic, elegant look for your house, a green or blue roof can help the exterior stand out.

If the color of your house has more vibrant hues in the rainbow that make up the exterior, neutral colors can give the siding and shutters more vibrancy.

How to Change Roof Color

If you are considering changing your existing roof color, rest assured that professionals can recommend the best color. Some homeowners decide to completely replace their roofs to reflect a new color or style after decades of use. No matter the circumstance, a trusted expert can help identify if there are any damages to the roof and evaluate the material for painting to change the color.

Most Popular Roof Colors

Residential roofing color trends can influence the service you and your house may require. Roof color fads are constantly changing. Most color schemes reflect the evolving definition of visual aesthetics every year.

Within the past five years, modern, sleek architecture designs have influenced a wave of white siding houses with black roofs and shutters. This classy look is simple yet effective when creating a timeless style for homes in any location.

In the past year, homeowners have started implementing softer color tones to create a relaxing visual appeal for their properties. This roof color trend has ushered in an increase in mossy green and deep royal blue roofs that coordinate well with wood paneling accents.

This year’s most popular roof colors include rich blues, deep greens and light sage, sandy neutral tones and off-whites.

Trust Cornett Roofing Systems for All Your Roof Changing Needs

Trust Cornett Roofing Systems for All Your Roof Changing Needs

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We tailor our roofing services toward your styling choices to best fit your vision for your home. Rest assured that your roof will last a lifetime without replacements after installation.

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