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As one of the oldest and most durable building materials in existence, copper is the perfect choice for fabricating gutters and downspouts. Highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and climate conditions, copper can handle the strain of slow moving and/or standing water, far better than their vinyl and aluminum counterparts. Vinyl gutters have an average service life of around 10 years, aluminum roughly 20 years, but copper gutters can last more than 50 years, with the downspouts able to last for up to 100 years!

While copper certainly costs more than other gutter and downspout alternatives, the increased service life makes it a smart choice for homes and businesses. But functionality isn’t the only selling point for copper gutters and downspouts, the curb appeal and beauty of copper is unmatched. Since copper is a softer metal and malleable, it can be formed into all sorts of shapes, which can include highly ornamental and detailed components. 

Beautiful copper gutter on roof
Built in copper gutter
Copper gutters K-style in our shop
K-Style Copper Gutters
Copper half-round gutters on home
Copper half round gutters and downspout
Copper downspouts elbows fabricated in our shop
Copper downspout elbows

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