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As one of the oldest and most durable building materials in existence, copper is the perfect choice for fabricating gutters and downspouts. Highly resistant to rust, corrosion and climate conditions, copper can handle the strain of slow-moving and standing water far better than its vinyl and aluminum counterparts. Vinyl gutters have an average service life of around 10 years and aluminum roughly 20 years, but copper gutters can last more than 50 years, with the downspouts able to last for up to 100 years!

While copper certainly costs more than other gutter and downspout alternatives, the increased service life makes it a smart choice for homes and businesses. But functionality isn’t the only selling point for copper gutters and downspouts — the curb appeal and beauty of copper are unmatched. Since copper is a malleable, soft metal, it can be formed into all sorts of shapes, which can include highly ornamental and detailed components.

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Custom Copper Gutters and Downspouts in Indiana

Gutters collect precipitation from your roof and direct it to the ground through a downspout. When it rains, water rolls down your roof’s slope into the gutters. The water travels through the system and exits from the downspout at your property’s base, where it diverts again to prevent water damage in your basement.

Gutters and downspouts are vital because they protect your property from water damage. Without a properly functioning gutter system, water would cause rot, mold and deterioration on your roof, windows and other essential components of your home. Property owners and contractors often prefer copper materials because of their many advantages.

The expert team at Cornett Roofing Systems has decades of experience designing and installing the most effective gutter solutions for properties in Indiana and surrounding regions. We consider all of your building’s characteristics to create the optimal system specific to your needs. Besides functionality, our copper gutter systems can complement the taste and style of your property’s existing architecture.

Pros and Cons of Copper Gutters

When comparing copper gutters to more conventional materials like aluminum and vinyl, custom copper gutters offer many benefits:

  • They last many years longer.
  • They require minimal maintenance.
  • They have fewer seams.
  • They do not rust or crack easily.
  • They enhance your home’s architecture and style.

While many property owners cite price and installation time as some of the most significant drawbacks of copper gutter systems, these initial expenses pay for themselves over time. Copper gutters require expert installation and superior craftsmanship, so hiring a company like Cornett Roofing is essential. Choosing a non-reputable contractor without the proper skills can lead to more significant problems later.

Box Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

Although box gutters lack the style and appearance of a high-quality regular gutter, they are still popular choices for functionality. Box gutters are often wider, deeper and easier to clean than standard gutters. These designs are popular for large buildings that experience abundant water runoff.

Copper is typically better suited for regular or K-style gutters for residences where appearance and curb appeal are critical factors.

Decorative Copper Gutter Scuppers and Collector Boxes

Besides offering conventional copper gutter and downspout designs, we can also help you with unique features like scuppers and collector boxes. Scuppers are drainage systems that help water escape on flat roofs or buildings with minimal sloping. Copper gutter collector boxes effectively tie multiple downspout components together and gather water in roof valleys while providing an added stylish touch.

Why Choose Cornett Roofing Systems?

When you select Cornett Roofing Systems to install your copper gutter system, you know we’ll do the job right the first time. Our installation team has the knowledge and field experience to produce some of the industry’s most elegant and highly functional roofing and gutter solutions. We use only premium building materials and are fully licensed and insured.

Additionally, we offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Contact Us Today for Copper Downspouts and Gutters

To learn more about the options for custom copper gutters and the many benefits they offer, call us at 888-307-7087 or contact us online to arrange for a free estimate and consultation.

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