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Cornett Roofing Systems are the clay tile roofing experts, based in the Midwest, with decades of experience in tile installation, restoration, and repair. We perform clay tile work on many historic buildings, churches, and residences, including French and Spanish tile roofs. In addition, we have one of the largest collections of tile roofing in inventory for matching historic and existing installations. Cornett Roofing is an active member of the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance, a professional group for clay tile roofing contractors. If you need repair or installation, call the experts at Cornett Roofing!

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There isn’t an asphalt shingle on the market that can match the aesthetics of a clay roof tile. With numerous styles, hundreds of colors, and a wide variety of finishes available, you can create a roof to suit virtually any architectural style. More and more homeowners and architects are choosing Spanish or French tiles in recent years, as sustainability becomes more culturally important.

Clay roof tiles have been used for centuries worldwide. A tile roof is not only beautiful, but is also extremely durable. With proper building design and installation, these roofs can last 50 to 100 years (or more). They do not rot in wet climates, are not susceptible to destruction by pests, can be used in any climate, and can withstand the most severe of weather conditions, including fire, wind, and snow.

Our tile roofs are made from naturally occurring materials, manufactured without chemical preservatives. The old clay tiles can be recycled to make new tiles or other products. Moreover, clay tiles are energy efficient; because of the superior thermal capacity of roof tiles and the ventilated air space that their placement on the roof surface creates, a tile roof can lower air conditioning costs in hotter climates and produce more constant temperatures in colder regions, which reduces potential ice accumulation.

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While clay tile roofing is one of the most durable roofing systems ever invented, they do require periodic maintenance. Loose, cracked, and missing clay tiles are often found, due to age, storms, animals, and other causes. 

Our clay tile roofing experts will carefully inspect and repair these tile systems, which is a highly specialized roofing skill. Trust your repair and service needs to Cornett Roofing Systems!

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  • Unsurpassed Beauty and Style
  • Lasts 100 Years or More
  • Fireproof
  • Offers Maximum Resistance to Hail
  • Lowers Energy Bills and Insurance Premiums
  • Increases Your Home Value
  • Available in a Wide Selection of Colors & Styles
  • Quiet During Rain
  • Costs Far Less Over Time Than Asphalt Roofing
  • Environmentally Friendly


As the Midwest clay tile roofing experts, Cornett Roofing Systems has amassed one of the largest collections of reclaimed tile in the country. Reclaimed clay tile is roofing material that has often outlasted the building it was installed on and was removed. Most of our clay tile inventory have more than 50 years of service life left, at a much reduced price versus new clay tile.

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