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Copper Fabrication Services
Copper Fabrication Services
Copper standing seam roof


Copper is one of the oldest, most durable and aesthetically pleasing building materials. Besides being the actual roofing material, some common uses of copper in roofing include gutters, downspouts, flashings, decorative trim and bay window covers. Cornett Roofing Systems employs experienced copper roofing craftsmen who fabricate beautiful copper elements, from entire roofs to decorative spires, offering clients a highly skilled copper roofing company in the Midwest.

Copper standing seam roof from the air

Newly installed copper standing seam roof by Cornett Roofing Systems


Unlike other metals such as steel, aluminum and tin, copper will never rust or corrode. Copper is also impervious to the effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow, allowing copper elements to last for centuries.

The craftsmen at Cornett Roofing provide complete copper roofing installations on flat areas and peaked features, such as spires and turrets. We also fabricate elements such as chimney caps, fountain bases, weather vanes and much more! Whether you are looking for long-lasting roofing components or decorative accents for your home or business, copper is the perfect choice.

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Copper Roofing Components and Standing Seams Offer Timeless Beauty and Performance

Cornett Roofing Systems’ copper roofing craftsmen fabricate and manufacture roofing and building components to fit different applications, including the ones below. Moreover, we have done many different custom fabrications for additional items including, fountain bases, rain chains, weathervanes and more! Click on an image or text below to learn more about each product group. 

If you require a roof installation or replacement, you can choose from options like copper components and standing flat seam copper roofing to maximize performance.

How Long Do Copper Roofs Last?

For centuries, builders have preferred copper due to its durability and superior flexibility, strength and corrosion resistance — copper lasts much longer than other roofing materials.

Many copper roofs can last over 100 years with minimal maintenance. If experienced professionals install your copper roof and you address minor damage as it occurs, the roof can last much longer than the time you own your home.

Copper is so durable because it forms a patina after installation. A patina is a thin film produced by oxidation and corrosion that’s non-damaging to the copper’s integrity. While this layer is not entirely immune to acidic moisture and bacteria, it provides a protective shield that other metals can’t duplicate.

Copper Penny Roof Color

A copper roof’s color typically begins with an attractive hue similar to a copper penny. The roof color gradually changes as its exposure to the elements increases. The tone of the color depends on the patina’s thickness, which expands with more oxidation.

Depending on a property’s location and climate, some patinas change color faster than others. Clean copper takes longer to oxidize than dirty copper, so the better you care for your roof, the longer it will maintain its penny color. Some premium material manufacturers use lubricants that provide an extra protective layer before assembly.

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Benefits of Copper Components by Cornett

Copper roofs have many benefits compared to other roofs, even if the initial cost may be higher than other materials. Some advantages of copper metal roofing are below:

  • Maintenance-free: Copper roofs are maintenance-free, unlike other roofing materials that require constant maintenance.
  • Aesthetics: Copper roofs are aesthetically appealing, improving your home’s curb appeal and making it stand out.
  • Long life: Copper roofs have a long life span. They are the most long-lasting roofing type and can withstand the elements for over a century. In most cases, the copper roof outlasts the homeowners.
  • Fireproof: Copper is fireproof, meaning your roof will not go up in flames if an ember falls on it. This characteristic of copper can significantly discount your insurance premiums.
  • Unsusceptible to inclement weather: Copper is invulnerable to harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, hail and thunderstorms. The material is strong enough to withstand any weather conditions in the Midwest, lessening the need for copper roof repair.
  • Increased home value: Due to its longevity and aesthetic appeal, copper roofing can increase your home’s value.
  • Environmentally friendly: If you are sustainability-conscious, a copper standing seam roof is the way to go. Copper lasts a long time, avoiding the use of new resources — and if you ever want to change your roofing, the material is 100% recyclable.
  • Lightweight: Copper is lightweight, so it doesn’t add extra weight to your building’s structure.
  • Great return on investment: Even if copper roofing installation may cost more upfront, you will soon get a return on investment. This material lasts a lifetime, is maintenance-free, increases your home’s value, discounts insurance premiums and lowers heating and cooling costs.


Advantages of Partnering With Cornett Roofing Systems

When you choose Cornett Roofing Systems for copper roof repairs or installation, you partner with a family-owned company that can give you the dedicated service and attention you deserve. We’re committed to offering the region’s top customer service, superior technical expertise and highest-quality craftsmanship. Other advantages you’ll experience when working with us include:

  • Having access to premium roofing materials. Our sister company, Modern Metal Roofing, makes all our copper roofing materials.
  • Receiving free estimates without the sales hassles.
  • Partnering with one of the most reputable roofing contractors in the region.
  • Securing a comprehensive warranty.
  • Working with a fully insured and licensed roofing company.

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Select Cornett Roofing Systems to be your copper roofing contractor. Our professionals have all your copper roofing needs covered, whether you’re looking to build a new roof, add an ornamental decoration or install gutters and downspouts. We are a fully insured metal roofing contractor with vast experience in the industry.

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