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Slate roofing repair experts
Slate roofing experts


Slate roof on Kappa Alpha Theta houseCornett Roofing Systems are the Midwest slate specialists, with decades of experience in slate installation, restoration, and repair. An authorized installer of Vermont Slate Company products, Cornett also has one of the largest collections of old and rare slate, for matching existing installations, in the country. In addition, we have extensive experience in restoring historical buildings and residential slate roofs. Servicing a specialized roof system like these calls for specific expertise and experience, which can only be found by using an qualified specialist like Cornett Roofing.

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Cornett Roofing’s specialists are members of the premier slate trade organization in the US, the Slate Roofing Contractors Association. The organization provides training, best practice guides, showcases slate installations, and advocates for the industry, while promoting safety. 

While slate is one of the most durable roofing systems ever invented, they do require periodic maintenance. Loose, cracked, and missing slate tiles are often found, due to age, storms, animals, and other causes. 

Our trained specialists know how to carefully inspect and repair slate systems, which is a highly specialized skill, often using a commercial drone. Trust your repair and service needs to Cornett Roofing!

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There are many notable reasons for choosing slate roofing systems, including:

  • Unsurpassed Beauty and Style
  • Lasts 100 Years or More
  • Fireproof
  • Offers Maximum Resistance to Hail
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Increases Your Home Value
  • Available in a Wide Selection of Colors & Styles
  • Quiet During Rain
  • Costs Far Less Over Time Than Asphalt Roofing
  • Environmentally Friendly

Even though slate roofs and shingles serve the primary function of protecting your home or business from the elements, there are considerable differences between them. Asphalt shingles are much less expensive upfront and are faster to install. However, they provide a significantly shorter life span and often require more extensive maintenance. In contrast, most slate roofs can last up to 100 years or more.

Many property owners consider slate the most elegant roofing material because it conveys a naturally rustic and classical look. Slate’s dark grey-to-black color can complement almost any home’s architecture and style. A slate roof installation can significantly raise your home’s curb appeal and value compared to ordinary asphalt shingles.

Aerial slate roofing

As the Midwest slate roofing specialists, Cornett Roofing Systems has amassed one of the largest collections of reclaimed slate and salvaged clay tile in the country. Reclaimed slate is roofing material that has often outlasted the building it was installed on and was removed. Most of our slate inventory has more than 50 years of service life left, at a much reduced price versus new slate.

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Large storage racks of reclaimed slate and tile roofing

New Slate Roofing Systems and Repairs in Cincinnati and Louisville

At Cornett Roofing Systems, we are the region’s trusted experts for slate roofing inspections, installations, repairs and replacements. Some reasons we stand out as slate roofing specialists include:

  • Our excellent reputation in niche roofing systems
  • Having access to the highest-quality roofing materials
  • Free, no-pressure project estimates
  • Our fully insured and licensed status
  • Lifetime warranties on slate, metal and tile systems
  • Our expertise with Vermont slate shingles

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With over three decades of experience, Cornett Roofing Systems is the premier leader in slate roof installation in the Franklin, Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis areas. We have all your needs covered, whether you require a new roof or a repair to your existing roof. If you’re interested in learning more about slate or scheduling a free, no-obligation estimate, please call us at 888-307-7087 or contact us online today.

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