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A common source of interior leaks that is often misattributed to the roof are caused by deficiencies in chimney structures. Often times, the cause is cracks in the mortar used around the top of some chimneys, which allows water to get behind the protective flashings at the base of the chimney. This can be solved with the installation of a chimney cap cover, which can be fabricated from copper or steel. In addition to helping prevent leaks, chimney cap covers can prevent animal entry, while adding a stylish flourish to the chimney itself. 

Below are just a few of the kinds of caps Cornett Roofing has fabricated and installed.

Custom copper chimney cap installed
Copper chimney cap with copper bird mesh
copper cap on old chimney
Copper chimney cap
Copper chimney cap on home
Double vent copper chimney cap
Steel chimney cap on red roof
Steel chimney cap on red Cornett Shake roof

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