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Cornett Roofing Systems both installs and repairs wood shake siding and roofing. Wood shake siding has been used in homes going back hundreds of years, and are made from many different types of wood such as cedar, redwood, and oak. Cedar shakes give homes a rustic look because of their rough and somewhat irregular appearance.

As an experienced wood shake roofing contractor, Cornett Roofing has repaired and installed these systems for close to 30 years. These types of roofs, while extremely strong and durable, require service from an expert wood shake roofing contractor.

Wood shake roof on large home
Wood shake roof with steel flashing on chimney
Aerial photo of wood shake roof and copper dome

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Strong. The Western red cedar is one of the strongest woods in the world. Additionally, cedar wood has a very low shrinkage rate. That means it installs easily, lying flat and straight, and tends to hold nails very tightly over time.

Resistant. Cedar contains natural preservatives that resist not only insects but moisture as well, which is the greatest enemy of a wooden roofing product. By resisting moisture, cedar is less likely to decay and can be used in different climates throughout the country.

Natural insulation. Cedar wood is able to provide a strong layer of insulation on a home which leads to cooler temperatures inside in the summer and retained warmth in the winter.

Good-looking. Cedar shakes are a popular choice, in part, because of the distinctive look that the cedar wood provides. Early on, cedar shakes have a honey or cinnamon hue. Over time, that transforms into a silvery gray that many homeowners find equally attractive.

Long-lasting. If installed properly, cedar shakes can last for up to 40 years. Not only do cedar shakes naturally resist moisture and insects, but cedar wood also has a natural preservative that helps to block out the UV rays of the sun. Additionally, many manufacturers coat cedar shakes with a fire resistant product.

Resale value. Because of the many advantages of cedar, homes with cedar shakes tend to sell more easily, particularly if the roof is fairly. The potential new owner knows the cedar is resistant to many of the problems that can shorten the life of other wood roofs, and can expect many years without the expense of a new roof.


• Strong and Durable
• Moisture & Insect Resistant
• Provides Natural Insulation
• Attractive, Rustic Look
• 40+ Year Lifespan
• Adds to Home Re-Sale Value


If you are looking to replace or install a wood cedar shake roof, Cornett Roofing offers a metal alternative that you may want to consider. Retaining the classic look of a cedar shake roof, our Metal Shake Series emulates the appearance of wood shake, but at a lower cost. In addition, our Metal Shake Series is lighter and requires less overall maintenance. 

Click on the link here to learn more about the Metal Shake Series. 

Close up of Metal Shake roofing panel in charcoal

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