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Roof Coating Restoration Experts
Roof Coating Restoration Experts


Cornett Roofing Systems are Indiana’s roof coating restoration experts, helping protect and add service life to flat single-ply and metal roofing systems. Roof coatings can extend the lifespan of a roof, provide better energy efficiency, protect against foot traffic, and eliminate roof leaks. 

Roof coatings can provide an alternative to roof replacement or can add additional years of service life to your roof. However, roof coatings are not always suited for every roof and situation. A qualified professional from Cornett Roofing can inspect your roof and determine whether a roof coating application would be a benefit to your roof.

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Roof Coatings
Metal Roof Coatings

Repairs, Replacements, and Restorations On All Types of Roofing

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    Roof coating applications are formulated from many kinds of materials, for specific uses and roof types. Some of these include:

    • Silicone
    • Polyurethane
    • Acrylic
    • Elastomeric
    • Asphalt

    Selecting the correct roof coating application for a specific roofing type is critical, as some chemical compounds negatively react with certain building materials. A roof coating for a rubber EPDM roof is often much different than one designed for use on a metal roof. Therefore, it is critical you select a compatible coating that is designed for the intended purpose before installation.

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    REDUCES ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Roof coatings can significantly reduce energy consumption by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s heat, which can cool your home or business during the summer months. 

    REDUCES ROOF MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS – For black rubber (EPDM) roofs, coatings can protect the membrane from UV radiation, which causes irreversible shrinkage. On metal roofs with failing exposed fasteners, coatings can seal gaps around leaking screws and seams, stopping leaks. In essence, roof coatings can extend the service life of some roofs, buying time before replacement is needed.

    IMPROVES THE ROOFS APPEARANCE – Roof coatings, which come in a variety of colors, can change an old, dirty roof into one that looks like new! In addition, roof coatings protect your roof from algae and moss growth, keeping it cleaner over time.

    PROVIDES AN AFFORDABLE OPTION – Roof coatings provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive replacement, often adding years to the service life of a roof. While not every roof is a good candidate for a coating restoration, it remains an affordable option in many cases.


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