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Overview of Cornett Roofing Systems sign and building

Cornett Roofing Systems operates from a state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot facility in Franklin, Indiana.  The facility contains office space, a full sheet metal fabrication shop, a dedicated training center, and storage areas for our large collections of historic re-claimed slate and tile. In addition, our sister company, Modern Metal Roofing, manufactures premium metal roofing products that are installed by Cornett Roofing and other approved contractors in the Midwest. 

Aerial view of the Cornett Roofing Systems building


Over 850 solar panels installed on the roof help provide enough power to run the entire facility, except during heavy manufacturing days of our custom steel roofing products. As advocates of long-term roofing solutions, Cornett Roofing seeks to change the existing model of continually replacing asphalt shingles (which are not typically recyclable) with a model of sustainable roofing.

Mock roof used for training in our corporate headquarters


Cornett Roofing maintains a “demo house” for training purposes to teach new employees how to install our metal, slate, and solar roof options. The demo house is approximately 35′ long and 15′ wide, containing a valley, skylight, eaves, hips, and other features to mimic a real roof.

Metal roofing panels hanging from drying machine in plant


Our sister company, Modern Metal Roofing, manufactures the exclusive metal roofing products Cornett Roofing installs. The metal panels are produced from raw, 24-gauge coil steel, in four distinct styles. In addition, there are numerous color and finish options available, including our patented powder-coating process, giving our customers choices between a variety of looks in their finished product.

Reclaimed slate roofing tiles packed in crate


Cornett Roofing has one of the largest collections of reclaimed slate and tile in the Midwest, perfect for finding a historical match or perfect color. 

Reclaimed tile roofing panels packed in shipping crate