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Different Types of Slate Roofing

Choosing the best roofing material for your home or business can be challenging. Many quality options are available, and each comes with its own list of pros and cons. Slate roofing has been chosen for thousands of years primarily because of its durability and aesthetic.

If you’re considering slate roofing for your building, you’re following in the footsteps of monarchs and clergy from centuries past. There are several types of slate roofing, ranging from natural stone to modern slate roofing composite options.

Here’s everything you need to know about the types of slate roofing and which to choose.

What Is a Slate Roof?

Slate roofs were originally built with thin shingles of natural stone slate. Sometimes, slate roofing was left thick and uneven, while other times it was carefully smoothed and cut into even sizes. You can achieve both of these looks today with modern slate roofing.

Slate roofing can be gray, blue, green, purple, red or black, depending on where the rock was formed. It can be installed in different shapes and thicknesses for a distinctive finished look, depending on your preference.

Some slate roofing manufacturers will even help you match the slate already on your roof for repairs. Slate installation requires experienced professionals since the tiles can be damaged during this process without care.

Types of Slate Roof Tiles

In addition to natural slate tiles, you can find synthetic and composite slate. These slate roof options are more affordable, but they don’t bring the same benefits as natural stone. Here’s a breakdown of these different kinds of slate roofing.

1. Natural Slate

Natural slate tiles have the classic features that have historically made slate roofing so popular. Beautiful and sleek, they bring a sense of grandeur to a finished building. Natural slate tiles are long-lasting and eco-friendly.

2. Synthetic Slate

While synthetic slate tiles look like natural stone, they’re actually made of materials like plastic, rubber, clay, concrete and ceramic. These tiles are lighter and more affordable than the real stone that makes up natural slate tiles. However, they’re typically less durable against the elements, meaning you may need to replace your synthetic slate tiles sooner.

3. Composite Slate

This kind of slate roofing is usually made of both rubber and plastic, blended together to resemble natural slate. Similar to synthetic slate, composite slate isn’t as heavy or expensive as natural slate. However, it also doesn’t offer the strength and energy-efficient benefits of natural stone.

Pros and Cons of Slate Roofing

Natural slate roofing provides many benefits:

  • A natural aesthetic
  • Several color options
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Fire and hail resistance
  • Energy efficiency

Many people prefer slate roofing because of its timeless elegance and durability. When you put slate roofing on your home or business, it’s likely the last roof you’ll ever have to install. Slate roofs don’t require much maintenance other than annual inspections and damaged tile repairs.

However, slate roofs aren’t perfect. Here are a few downsides of installing a slate roof:

  • Slate tiles are heavy, putting pressure on a building’s frame.
  • Tiles may crack if objects hit them or weight is put on them.
  • Slate roofs are in a higher price range than many options.

Although slate roofs can last for years, they usually can’t be walked over by workmen without cracking. Heavy hail can also damage the tiles. Your building should be strong enough to support a slate roof before it’s installed.

How Long Does a Slate Roof Last?

If you take good care of a slate roof, it can last for 100 years or longer. Slate is extremely durable and can withstand rain, snow and UV rays for a long time without damage. If installed well and properly maintained, a slate roof should last the rest of your life.

If slate tiles are hit by heavy hail or a tree branch, they can crack and break. However, you can easily replace broken slate tiles by working with a professional slate roof installer. Once these tiles are replaced, a slate roof will continue to protect your home or business for years to come.

Value of a Slate Roof

Compared to other roofing types, slate roofs are typically more expensive. However, their ability to protect your home or business can last over 100 years, while many other types of roofing need to be replaced every 15 to 30 years.

Slate roofing is energy-efficient, which can also save you costs on HVAC. It takes time for the material to heat up or cool down, reducing the amount of energy that enters or escapes your building through its roof. It can retain heat during colder months and cool air during warmer seasons, ensuring comfortable temperatures while keeping your energy bills down.

If you’re looking for a roof with a high ROI, slate roofing is one of the best options out there. After purchasing a new home or business, the last thing you want to do is put a new roof on it. Because slate roofing lasts so long, it can increase home resale value.

Exterior aesthetic is another important factor when discussing the value of a slate roof. This roofing material gives homes and other buildings a classic, elegant look. The tiles come in a range of colors and will stay stylish regardless of changing design trends.

Are Slate Roofs a Good Choice for the Midwest?

Buildings in the Midwest experience a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Because it’s so hardy, slate roofing is an excellent choice for homes and businesses in the Midwest. Here’s why slate roofing is a good option for this part of the United States:

  • Slate handles extreme temperatures well.
  • Slate is moisture- and mold-resistant.
  • Slate roofing is fireproof.

Although slate roofs likely won’t win in a fight against a tornado or a serious hailstorm, they can handle just about anything else. Slate is perfect for the humid summers and cold winters experienced across the Midwestern states.

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