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In an effort to provide both educational and entertaining roofing content, we recently added a “Photo of the Week” feature, to highlight some of the interesting and funny things we find on job sites and online. Check back each week for a new photo submission!

If you have a odd or interesting roofing photo, send it in to us via email at

Snake in a roof


When working in the roofing industry, there are many hazards that are present on the job site. However, giant snakes embedded into the roof is NOT usually one of them! While removing this old metal roof off a barn, this large black snake popped his head up, giving our crew a pretty bad scare. 

While this is certainly an unusual occurrence, animals causing damage or entering roofs is common, particularly with birds, raccoons, and squirrels. Keeping tree branches trimmed back from the roof can help eliminate entry spots for wildlife.

new construction home with roof damage


One of our employees was walking through a new addition in his neighborhood and noticed this damaged roof on a house that has yet to be completed. This roof failure hopefully will be replaced before the new owner takes possession, but there is no guarantee they will do so. Showing the photo to our Production Manager, he immediately noticed that the fastening pattern on the shingles was incorrect, causing the shingle tabs to blow off. When the nails are improperly placed, they do not penetrate the shingle above or below, which leaves the weaknesses that result in damage like this. 

Unfortunately, many new housing editions cut costs by using cheap shingles and poor quality contractors. The end result is the new homeowners often find their new roof doesn’t hold up to the Midwest’s storms and winds and needs replaced with just a few years. 

boxer dog standing on grass in front off a house with a new roof


This VERY GOOD BOY was super friendly, but understandably, was quite suspicious of our inspection drone. We captured this image on take off of him checking out what, to him, must have been a GIANT bee! Once in the air, he was quite fascinated and followed it around the property as we performed a final quality inspection. 

The Metal Shake Series installation, with an exclusive powder coating, passed inspection and the homeowner is thrilled with the look and durability. In fact, the roof has already survived several wind events that caused neighbors to lose asphalt shingles. Between the new metal roof and his trusty companion, this home is certainly very well protected!

Poor copper work


This photo comes from a customer who had her roof and copper flashings replaced, due to extensive hail damage. Unfortunately, the contractor they selected to fabricate and install the copper flashings obviously did not have any idea how to perform this work. As a result, Cornett Roofing was called to evaluate the project.

Not only did the previous contractor fail to properly weld the copper joints together, they used SCOTCH TAPE to hold the panels together! In addition, large voids of daylight could be seen from inside the attic. Cornett Roofing replaced the roof and bad flashings to make the home watertight. 

Photo of the Week 4.17.23


You never know what strange objects you’ll find on a flat roof! In this photo, a model rocket nose cone has embedded itself into and through the PVC roof membrane. Cases like this are why regular roof inspections are so important. 

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