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How Can Choosing a Premium Brand Help You Avoid Metal Roofing Maintenance?

Metal roofs offer various benefits that make them viable when upgrading or replacing an existing roof. They have a sleek appearance while providing a stable, energy-efficient roofing solution that can help keep your energy costs low. They’re also lightweight, making them easier to install and generally more cost-efficient than other materials.

However, some metal roofs can experience issues like leaks, excess noise and damage from hail and other debris. Fortunately, you can counter this issue by selecting premium metal roofing from a quality brand like Cornett Roofing Systems.

We are a premium metal roofing contractor serving Indiana and the surrounding states. We install steel roofing products manufactured by Modern Metal Roofing, our sister company.

We use a patented process for metal powder coating. Our roofing products are constructed from 24-gauge Kynar-coated steel for the utmost quality and durability. You’ll get a permanent roof that stands the test of time, blends beautifully with your home or business and likely won’t even require a replacement. Continue reading to discover the benefits of investing in a Cornett metal roof.

What Problems Do Standard Metal Roofs Face?

If you don’t invest in a durable roof coating and a high-quality brand, your metal roof could experience some of the issues below.

Stone Coating Challenges

Stone-coated steel metal roofs are prone to a few issues and shortcomings:

  • Potential damage: Despite being more durable than other materials like asphalt, stone-coated steel roofing can face damage from hail, limbs and other debris during severe weather events.
  • Granule loss: Stone-coated panels are more susceptible to losing their granules over time. Dislodged granules expose the underlying metal to the elements, causing corrosion and discoloration. Factors like strong winds, heavy rain, hail, UV exposure and natural aging can also gradually damage granules. Besides compromising the panel’s structural integrity, granule loss affects the roof’s visual aesthetics, due to color fading. Since our powder-coated roofing retains its granules, it can help your roof maintain its vibrance and durability for decades.

Exposed Fastener Systems

An exposed fastener system requires the installer to create a series of holes for screws and fasteners in your metal roof. Over time, the holes around these fasteners enlarge from expansion and contraction, which can cause leaks.

Improper installation is another concern with exposed fastener systems. An exposed fastener that is even remotely off-center, under-driven or screwed into the panels too tightly can cause premature wear and damage.

Due to these risks, exposed fasteners have rigorous upkeep requirements. Chances are, you’ll need to have your roof periodically inspected and maintained to ensure it hasn’t experienced water penetration and leakage.

Benefits of Installing Cornett Metal Roofing vs. Standard Metal Roofing

At Cornett Roofing Systems, our permanent metal roofing products resist the costly issues mentioned above. You can save significant time and money by avoiding premature damage and roof replacements. So, why not choose a superior metal roofing brand and forgo these concerns right off the bat?

Here are the advantages you can reap by choosing metal roofing from Cornett Roofing Systems.

1. A Durable Powder Coating and Installation Process

At Cornett Roofing, we use a rugged powder coating for superior durability. This coating helps protect the steel from limbs, rain, hail and other debris. It also “holds” snow on the roof, helping it melt cleanly and evenly.

Our powder-coated steel roofs are a more reliable alternative to stone-coated roofs, as they don’t require glue or adhesive to hold the granules to the panel. Our powder-coating process is heat- and electrolysis-based, permanently bonding the powder granules to the metal and ensuring maximum protection.

2. Long-Lasting

Our premium steel roofs can last 100 years or more, making it one of the strongest and most cost-effective options. You can enjoy decades of performance without worrying about damage from wind, hail and other factors.

3. Versatile and Customizable

At Cornett, we offer metal roof products in numerous styles, colors and finishing options. You can choose from four types of premium steel roofing:

  • Metal shake roofing: Our metal shake roofs offer the timeless look of wood shake roofing. However, they’re constructed from 24-gauge steel, ensuring more robust protection against the elements.
  • Metal shingle roofing: Our metal shingle roofs imitate the look of classic asphalt shingles while providing a significantly longer life span.
  • Metal tile roofing: If you desire the beauty and elegance of Spanish clay tiles but want something more substantial, our metal tile roofing may be exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Standing seam metal roofing: Our standing seam metal roofs mimic the appearance of conventional metal roofing. However, they’re rolled from 24-gauge steel coils and don’t have exposed fasteners, minimizing damaging leaks.

Our metal roofs are ideal for a range of structures, including homes, churches, office buildings and more. We make it simple to complement the existing style of your home or business. If you aren’t sure which roof and color combination would best suit your building, consider using our Metal Roofing Style Selector tool.

4. Weather-Resistant

Our metal roofs provide maximum wind and hail resistance, warranted to withstand winds of up to 120 mph. They also have a Class 4 rating by insurance companies, which is the highest possible rating.

5. Quiet

Some property owners are wary about metal roofs due to noise concerns, especially when it comes to stone-coated steel roofing. However, our metal roofing systems are manufactured with embossed textures to disperse rain, reducing sound levels significantly.

6. Temperature-Regulating

A common misconception is that steel roofing will make your building hotter during warmer months. However, it’s quite the opposite.

Our metal roof systems are designed to push air between the steel components and the underlying deck, reflecting sunlight and keeping your upper floors cool. You can experience considerable utility savings by installing a Cornett steel metal roof.

Cornett Roofing Systems Is the Solution to Your Metal Roofing Needs 

Cornett Roofing Systems is one of the Midwest’s exclusive metal roofing contractors. We tailor any job to meet your specific requirements by providing metal roofing materials that enhance your building’s exterior.

Our products make it easy to customize your roof while still enjoying a lifetime of durability, reliability and performance. You can experience several benefits by working with Cornett, including:

  • Access to top-quality roofing materials.
  • Over 30 years of expertise.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Free, no-obligation estimates.
  • Lifetime warranty coverage.
  • Fully licensed and insured roofing contractors.

We are ready to help you get started on your roof replacement project. Explore our different metal roofing options and get your free online estimate today!